Friday, January 29, 2010

Capootal Shity

DC is beautiful place with lots of history and stuff but I don’t think it’s for me. I did toursity things and saw the documents that started this country. I saw some art and I took the obvious opportunity in front of the White House to recreate a scene from the masterpiece Murder at 1600 with the iconic Wesley Snipes at the peak of his game. This could have been a real inspiring moment for me as actor, but it wasn’t! I couldn’t have as much fun calling in the murder because there were cops everywhere (Find an emoticon making a silly disappointed face). It's a line that you really need to put emotion in and I couldn't invest!

In general, I felt all my instincts to walk silly down sidewalks, climb things, etc. would get me arrested, but also that feeling made me want to do sillier things, ludicrous things. If I spent another day there I would probably have been arrested for tickling people in rabbit costume or for trying to sit in Abraham Lincoln’s lap or for causing too much noise with a one man band machine.

Blibbity blee blah, Washington Dc, blibbity blee blah

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