Friday, June 11, 2010

Witty Litter

So I went to the beach, somewhere on Lake Michigan, late one night and found someone had left a bottle. I was angry at first and then I wrote this note:

“Hello my name Thomas
I’ve been on this island a long time.
(Picture of a fuzzy coconut with angry eyes and a frowny mouth) ←Angry coconut
I am thankfull for fish and trees.
I am both thankfull and unthankfull for the sun.
(Crude outline of a person with wavy lines coming out of him/her) ← Me with sunburn. OUCH!
If you have a plane, please fly it over me!
If not, send me your happy thoughts!


[Back of the note]

“PS This is me

(Picture of my face with grizzly island beard)

My moustache is thin so I think I look like Abe Lincoln.“

I put the note in the bottle and I threw it out into the sea but I don’t think the tide was right to take it away and I throw like a girl. It washed up and I tried another time. I didn’t see it come in again but I didn’t look.

I hope I get off that island.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

For a Fallen Tree

On the train (just now), a man in front of me had a spindly spider crawling in his hair. As I took stock of the situation, I thought it wise to keep quiet. There was no need for any unwanted hysteria. I waited.

I waited till the spider repelled a little bit. Then a little bit more to the width of a finger. I reached, snatched, shook, and threw the freeloader onto the ground (to let him fend for himself in that footed forest.) But.

No one noticed. No one cheered or even smiled. And this.

Is why I blog.