Monday, February 15, 2010

New Dance Move

So as I was waking one Memphis morning, my mind wandered to some ancient Greek inspiration that is going to set dance floors on fi-yire.

It’s called the Medusa and involves at least two people. Get Ready.

The Medusa: This person puts their hands on their head to recreate the head full of snakes. They dance around at their leisure and anyone who makes eye contact with the medusa has to turn into to stone and freeze in place. The person who cuts off the medusa’s head is the next medusa.

Have fun!

If the Clove Fits

Nelson's orders for my Friday lunch was a weird one but this is what I signed up for. I don't think any vampires are going to bother me anytime soon... or Amish people!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Something Shrimpy this Way Comes

Nelson's orders for my Friday meal. It had to have shrimp in it so I got some shrimp and grits in Cookeville, Tn. Pretty tasty but gave me stinky burps! YIKES!

On the Eaterstate

As I look for new experiences here on the road, I’m keeping my McDonalds and Burger King intake to a minimum and searching for off the road, greasy, home cookin that sticks to your ribs! On my way to Tennessee from South Carolina, I had the rumbly bumbling in my tummy and looked for just the right place.

It took me a while and a lot of back roads but eventually I found Paterson’s. Despite the oddly narrow parking lot, the outside was a good mix of professionalism and quaintness. The details on these places are what really get me. This wasn’t just a place of business it was a place for living. It was alive. You can really tell that someone had taken this place and made it their own; funky lawn decorations, swing on the porch and tree house play place. When I walked in, there were shoes next to the door! I gave them a tap with my foot to make sure they were real. They were and I almost took mine off!

I took a seat at a table near the kitchen and waited for my server. When she finally came (Get that emoticon that shrugs and makes a funny face), she was wearing dirty overalls and had dirt underneath her fingernails! I was a little nervous about my food but I was pumped at how real this place was. She asked me what I wanted. I asked her what the specials were. She was shocked so I just ordered a cheeseburger. These places have the best cheeseburgers. She got more angry and started screaming for me to get out. Maybe she hates cheeseburgers…LOL

Strike one. We’ll see what I find next.