Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was hoping to get away from snow, but at least I found a sweet new army helmet.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Nelson's Orders

It's Friday and that means my friend Scott tells me what to eat for lunch. Thanks to Kahill's for the ice cream and french fries.

Capootal Shity

DC is beautiful place with lots of history and stuff but I don’t think it’s for me. I did toursity things and saw the documents that started this country. I saw some art and I took the obvious opportunity in front of the White House to recreate a scene from the masterpiece Murder at 1600 with the iconic Wesley Snipes at the peak of his game. This could have been a real inspiring moment for me as actor, but it wasn’t! I couldn’t have as much fun calling in the murder because there were cops everywhere (Find an emoticon making a silly disappointed face). It's a line that you really need to put emotion in and I couldn't invest!

In general, I felt all my instincts to walk silly down sidewalks, climb things, etc. would get me arrested, but also that feeling made me want to do sillier things, ludicrous things. If I spent another day there I would probably have been arrested for tickling people in rabbit costume or for trying to sit in Abraham Lincoln’s lap or for causing too much noise with a one man band machine.

Blibbity blee blah, Washington Dc, blibbity blee blah

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

14 hours down

and I'm in Washington DC. Look out the Senate here comes a filibuster!

Welcome to the Fartbox.

I’m hitting the road and I’m gassy so here is my blog. Also, the driver side window in the car I am driving doesn’t go down. Here are some other names that I almost went with:

Route Stinksty Stinks
Smelly Thomas
Carts = Car Farts
I’m on vacation except for my nose
Honk Honk Doo Doo
CaCaCar Trip
Stinky Tom’s Funky Road Journey
Stincoln Continental
Fart Away From Home
Doodoo, where’s my car?
Highway to Smell
Poop Deville

I wrote a lot of these at work and I couldn’t help thinking that if anyone were to look through my moleskin all they would find are my work schedules and my wealth of poop jokes.