Monday, October 25, 2010

Read This to Someone You Love

I look at you and mafoot spink oo plon bonruth. Queesh charm could diddle keeks ten lop anorftment. Drefft angels copix vis your hair, soe doe pollyhoe. Dumble di diddy doo, hark hoocrack trimble tramble wolicot kiss. Shall dee beezal wook; agrape, agrimuss, agreefrom, agrouwfabble! Twee skree treety would never voop ti kloom gandergroom. (roofus beezane dilla spilla in the rain). Kwall defump shums skeez enchanting skeez e grufrumblurdurp. I lay my head to my hooshed pillow and joolums grife wook clahmens, messhear clahmens! Squazmire bliz clemmet…

Rodri hult to die, skwiz ma goo sqiun oefferbur. Treelala. Treelala grewbons! Faagroof rew dill krunderpill and cremlacks dotter millsen bax forever.


Your boyfriend/girlfriend.

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