Friday, June 11, 2010

Witty Litter

So I went to the beach, somewhere on Lake Michigan, late one night and found someone had left a bottle. I was angry at first and then I wrote this note:

“Hello my name Thomas
I’ve been on this island a long time.
(Picture of a fuzzy coconut with angry eyes and a frowny mouth) ←Angry coconut
I am thankfull for fish and trees.
I am both thankfull and unthankfull for the sun.
(Crude outline of a person with wavy lines coming out of him/her) ← Me with sunburn. OUCH!
If you have a plane, please fly it over me!
If not, send me your happy thoughts!


[Back of the note]

“PS This is me

(Picture of my face with grizzly island beard)

My moustache is thin so I think I look like Abe Lincoln.“

I put the note in the bottle and I threw it out into the sea but I don’t think the tide was right to take it away and I throw like a girl. It washed up and I tried another time. I didn’t see it come in again but I didn’t look.

I hope I get off that island.

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