Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Music Video Concept (Abbotsford, WI)

A carriage drawn by dark black horses pulls up to a manor house sitting on a hill. The doorman opens the carriage door, and the band members, dressed in really hip old-timey clothes—vests, cloaks, shoes with buckles, etc.—emerges. They look around at the manor house and sprawling grounds. This place is sick!

The band walks toward the entrance. The drummer pulls out a handkerchief and wipes sweat from his brow. It doesn’t look like a hot day.

They set up in the sitting room and begin to practice. The sun begins to go down as they play their song. It is replaced by a FULL MOON. The drummer looks over and he gets like really scared. He tugs nervously at his collar. He scratches the back of his neck frantically. His arms and legs jerk uncontrollably, as he begins to transform into a werewolf! He must manage his transformation and keep the beat.

He is now a full-fledged werewolf and is wailing on the drums. He rocks too hard and his set is destroyed. He roars, the band turns to find the beast, and they are scared! He jumps through a stained glass window into the night looking for his next victim.

The rest of the band have become Van Helsings and carry big torches into the dark fucking night.

(Silence) A full moon looms in the sky, pregnant with malice.

Trudging through the moorish, foggy terrain, the band suddenly halts as they hear a sick drum solo. They pull out their instruments from their cases. They shine bright silver. They are girded and run toward the demon noise.

They come across the werewolf drummer’s demonic drum kit. It’s a mess of gore; coffins, mangled corpses, jagged crag, torn tree trunks, etc. He wails with bloody femurs for drumsticks, one still has a shoe attached.

The band plays their shining instruments against and with their former bandmate. It’s a true struggle but the werewolf overtakes them. He smiles a bloody, unholy, wolfy smile. He is too strong and they collapse.

Just then, a smoking hot chick comes into the clearing having followed the strange sounds, entranced. She is wearing a fancy corset dress and her tits are popping out! She and the wolf make terrible eye contact. They begin to run--her for her life and he in pursuit of fresh meat.

Her escape brings her to a cliff, maybe the last place she will ever be alive. The hot chick is doomed and her dress is probably torn a lot. He pounces on her. She screams as he goes to rip her fucking throat out with his heinously sharp fangs. At that moment, their eyes meet, and they realize they love one another.

For a moment, his clouded eyes grow clear. He regains his mind, and for a fucking instant, he is more man than wolf. Heartbroken and guilt-ridden, he realizes he is a monster and the only path to absolution lies in front of him.

He throws himself howling off the cliff.

A drum solo peels nasty as he falls. He lands with a vile crash of symbols.


As his former bandmates rush to the edge of the cliff with the hot chick and peer over, he breathes his last breathe as a man.

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